What Is Project CHANGE

This program has two fundamental components and objectives:

  • Equipping and preparation of individuals with the skills and tools necessary to re-enter society as responsible and productive citizens.
  • To encourage participants to understand, acknowledge and embrace new concepts for navigating life challenges.

Why Project CHANGE?

Incarcerated individuals constitute an often forgotten and neglected sector of society. Once the news of their crime has faded from the headlines and the sensationalism of their criminal trials no longer occupy the “court pages”, these individuals are locked away as they repay their debts to society.

1. What happens while debts are being repaid?
2. What happens after these debts have been repaid?
3. How do we avoid recidivism?

These questions can be answered in our Project CHANGE workshop. If you are interested in receiving more information on project CHANGE please email us at info@hfsministries.org.